67 DIY Pallet Planter Ideas for Rustic Garden

Pallet planter is a great alternative media for house garden. There are many DIY pallet planter ideas you can try, depending on your taste and design goal. Here are some ideas you can try.

How to Make a Pallet Planter

The pallet is commonly used in warehouses to transfer heavy objects. However, you can create a rustic-looking planter by using a pallet as the base. The easiest way is by placing the pallet in a horizontal position in the garden, before placing garden fabric, which will serve as the bottom part.

After nailing the garden fabric in place, turn over the pallet, and fill each section with soil. Now, you can have a small instant garden for your favorite plants!

Vertical Pallet Planter

Want to save space in your house? Simply place the pallet in a vertical position, either by putting it against the wall/fence or making it stand the sides are wide. You can cover the back part of the planter with garden fabric to “secure” it before placing small pots.

Another alternative is by hanging your pots using hose clips. This way, you can create a “floating” look with your plants.

Recycled Wood Pallet Planter

Many people choose to buy new pallet to adorn their garden, but recycled pallet is great for that vintage look. You can turn it into any planter, but make sure to clean it properly.

A simple way to clean reclaimed wood is by mixing a cup of mild detergent with 5 gallons of water, before scrubbing the wood with a stiff brush. Dry the pallet under the sun for 2-6 hours until completely dry.

Pallet Wall Planter

Pallet wall planter is great for a limited room, and you can create a focal point on the wall with some “useful” ornaments. To create a vertical planter, make “pockets” by nailing garden fabric in each panel, covering the back to top (do this when the pallet is in horizontal position).

You can fill each pocket with soil, and plant your favorite greens or flowers (succulent plants are highly recommended).

Pallet Herb Planter

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs? Create your herb garden with pallet herb planter. The horizontal planter is great for herbs, but if you live in urban houses, vertical planter provides ideal space. You can make a standing-alone planter, or hang it on the wall.

Since herbs are small, you do not always need to create soil pockets. Small pots or even jam jars can work wonder. Drill hose clips on the planter surface before attaching the pots/jars on it. You can also paint the pallet first for a brighter look.

Pallet Planter Box

Finally, if you just want something small and neat, try turning the pallet’s planks into a planter box. After sawing the planks with your ideal measurements, you can create a box by drilling L-brackets to connect each section. You can create a long planter or a tiny one for an individual plant.

If you want to make indoor box planter, such as for table centerpiece, place dried coconut husk at the bottom of the box before adding soil. It is to prevent leakage whenever you water the plant.

The pallet is a great structure to create an indoor and outdoor garden. These DIY pallet planter ideas will make your house greener with plants, no matter the size.

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