DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Dramatic Look at Home

Putting your flower pot on a stand will create a statement. There are various DIY plant stand ideas that you can match with the surrounding environment.

A stand is not only great to create a striking look, but also refresh the room when there is not much space. Here are some great ideas you can try to decorate your home with plants.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

An old stool, chair, or even TV stool with a repainted surface are cheap alternatives for plant stands. However, if you want to explore your creative side, a simple stand from scrap wood will do the job.

One example is a plant stand made from four dowel rods and scrap wood as the base to place the pot (you may use any wood you can find at supply store).

With a 3×1-inch of scrap wood base, you will need four dowel rods with 7/8-inch diameters as the pillars, and four smaller rods with ½-inch diameters to support the pot.

All you need to do is measuring the dimension you need before drilling the spots for gluing. You must use strong wood glue to make sure that each piece sticks to each other.

DIY Tiered Plant Stand

Tiered plant stand will create better statement than regular stand. With tiered stand, you can place a different plant on each surface to create a specific visual effect.

The easy way to create tiered stand is by using an old folding stair. Use each staircase to place several small planters or one long planter.

This stair planter is great to create a miniature garden in limited space, and you can plant perennial flowers, cactuses, or herbs.

You can repaint the stair before using it, especially if the stair is made of metal. However, if you happen to own old wooden stair, you can use it without repainting to create a rustic look.

DIY Indoor Plant Stand

Looking for perfect indoor plant stand? Search your house for a structure that you can use to place pots. Unused piano stool, low bench, or old bar stool is great to place individual pot.

If the bench is long, you can put several small pots, filled with different flowers or herbs.

An old lampshade can also serve as an indoor plant stand, as long as the shade frame has several wires that stretch from top to bottom. Repaint the frame before you insert a pot with perfect size on the top.

DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

There are various objects that you can turn into a plant stand. Metal chairs, bird’s bath, or patio stools are great as an easy outdoor stand.

For stools, you can repaint them to create a colorful or vintage style (use primer to keep the paint sticks longer). It is important to choose things that are normally used outdoor, since they can stand the elements.

You can also repurpose a bird’s house or feeder as a planter. Trim the feeder/house until it only consists of a plank on top of a pole.

Cut the pole to have a shorter planter. Place the feeder/repurposed bird’s house to the spot you wish, and place a pot with your favorite plant on top.

Using DIY plant stand is a great idea to make your house or garden more attractive, and you can repurpose old stuff to achieve the effect.


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