Easy DIY Planter Box Ideas for Beginners

From various planter types that are sold in gardening stores, planter boxes remain the classic options. Many DIY planter box ideas are easy to execute, even for beginners.

They are simple, rustic, but perfect for any kinds of plants; from flowers to succulents. Here are some ideas you can try for your own garden or home.

How to Build a Planter Box

You can make a planter box even with super simple tools and materials. Simple boards to make the box (and bottom cleats), galvanized screws, drill, saw, mounting brackets, and tape measure are all you need.

You just measure the dimensions you need to make the board, before cutting them neatly with a saw.

You should start from the sides before getting to the base. After creating the walls and attaching them to each other with galvanized screws, make the bottom part last and use the same screws.

Cleats (small wood pieces to raise the box from the ground) can be made of scrapped wood, as long as they have the same height. This is to create visual statement and prevent the lack of access to drainage water.

Speaking about drainage, do not forget to drill really small holes under the box. Now you can use your planter in any method you want.

DIY Pallet Planter Box

Reclaimed pallet is a great material to make planter box. Since pallet consists of various panels, all you need to do is removing the individual planks and pulling out the jutting nails.

You can use the same method with the previous DIY project, but depending on the condition of the pallet, you may end up with rustic, old look.

If you want to make the box neater, sand and varnish the surface. Repaint the box with any color you want (use primer for a long-lasting result).

DIY Wood Planter Box with Unique Look

A wooden box may be a bit boring, so you can do a little modification on the exterior to make the planter more distinctive.

Painting it with bright colors is an easy option, but you can do even more. A popular method is by using stencil art to create images or letters as you like.

If you use wood planter box to hold small herb pots, you can create stencil letters to identify each plant, such a “sage”, “parsley”, and such on the box.

DIY Raised Planter Box

Raised planter box is basically similar with the regular box as described above. However, instead of short cleats, you will need taller cleats or even poles to support the box.

If you have extra materials, you can create planters with different sizes and heights, and place them in a row to create “tiered” look.

DIY Window Planter Box

Window planter box is more complicated than a regular planter, because you need brackets to support it, assuming you do not just place boxes on a balcony or window sill.

Making the box may not be difficult if you opt for simple methods, but you must consider the weight of the planter once you mix soil and water in it. Hanging box (instead of using brackets) is an easier alternative.

Planter is a way to make your garden “neater” and easy to rearrange. DIY planter box is a simple but effective medium to display your favorite plants.

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