DIY Tree Stump Table Ideas & How to Make Them

Wood is a natural material that can make our home and garden aesthetically pleasing. Besides, it can give warmth in the area as well.

We are talking about a special tree stump table, which allows you to add more character to every garden design.

Tree stumps are easily mixed into the garden. With skills and creativity, they can be made into a stunning garden table.

So, why you don’t try to enhance the beauty of the stumps come through? They will give good accents to complete your garden idea.

Here are some ideas for tree stump table and how to make them.

How to make a tree stump table

You can make a unique tree stump table by yourself. You don’t need to work hard to create an interesting and simple mini table for your garden corner.

If you have several leftover tree stump and trunks, you can make them as sources for your DIY tree stump table projects.

The process is actually very simple, but it may take a long time to complete; thus, patience and persistence is the key. First, Get your stump. The length of this stump depends on where you want to put it.

Allow it to dry out for a couple of months. Then get it inside for several weeks, to lose its barks and a few pounds before any next steps could be taken.

After that, remove the bark with a hammer or a pry bar. After your stump is cleaned of its bark, you must make your stump completely smooth by using sandpaper grit and clean all of its hair. Once the stump is smooth, wipe it over with a tack cloth.

Now it’s time to finish the table. Make use of the polyurethane coating with a foam brush in a fully ventilated area. After the first coat has dried, apply the grit sandpaper over the entire stump.

Then, use a second coat of polyurethane. When complete, the entire tree stumps will be sparkling beautifully! Then, allow it to completely dry.

Tree Stump Coffee Table

You can make a rustic tree stump coffee table that is easy to build and can be almost free of cost if you use upcycle material. You just need to add table legs to your tree stump table. It really can add to the character of the table.

Tree Stumps Side Table

How about tree stump side table as your home decor? It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can also make rustic side tables, from tree stumps and trunks that need only a few materials you have on hand. Hence, this low budget rustic and natural side table is definitely suitable for you.

Tree Stump End Table

A tree stump end table is a very exotic, practical, and fully built. With the material of wood, the end table is unique. You can use it indoors to mix with other elements, as well as outdoors furniture.

This tree stump table that acts as a stool or plant stand is perfect for everyone trying for pure decor.

All in all, giving a beautiful touch to your house doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Using recycled materials for DIY tree stump table? Why not?

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