DIY Vertical Garden Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

Why should you have a creative design for your DIY vertical garden ideas? What’s great about it? Well, walls are permanence boundaries in a garden design.

While vertical garden made of living plants is a great way to turn a boring garden wall into a central point. It also blockages unwanted views and can disguise a bad looking wall. More importantly, the vertical garden provides privacy as well.

So, you should choose creatively the best design ideas and use the right short of a vertical garden for the wall on both sides rather than one.

It’s time to take a look at the types of plants of the vertical gardens. You can fulfill the necessities of your environment by selecting the correct type of vertical garden for your area.

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

The first candidate that will look exotic for vertical gardens is herbs that don’t need as much soil as some other plants.

If you don’t have a quite space for your own herb gardens, don’t give up! You can use some creative vertical herb garden ideas in a very limited area.

If you want to plant vertically, you can make a simple project of DIY vertical herb garden next to your door. Grow the plants all in one handy point with detachable shelves. You can create your easy-to-build wooden frame by yourself.

DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden

Don’t let the lack of outdoor space restrain your vision. Think about growing a vertical vegetable garden. This is an alternative solution for having various types of exotic vegetables such as fresh cabbage, greens, and lettuce, that are just an arm’s reach away from your kitchen.

A vertical vegetable garden can be grown anywhere, and it is easy to create. Try one using hanging baskets, shelves, or trellises.

On a more accessible scale, make pocket containers that suitable for vegetable plants. Just make sure that the wall of vegetables gets enough light.

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

Do you get bored with your DIY vertical garden? Why don’t you add some character to the wall with some exotic, colorful succulent?

Succulent is a great choice of plant, since they aren’t growing quickly and don’t need regular water as well.

Most succulents are robust plants with various colors and charming contours, making them suitable for vertical walls and a lovely medium for a vertical garden.

Hence, a DIY vertical succulent wall garden is not difficult to make and easy to look after. You can create cool vertical succulent gardens from recycled wood pallets. Free stand them with aid pillar and use some kind of waterproofing within the formation and the planter.

DIY Vertical Hydroponic Garden

A vertical hydroponic gardening system can also be wall mounted or free standing. It allows you to grow various kinds of exotic plants without using soil.

This fun way to grow the plants such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables with automated hydroponics is now becoming very popular.

Besides, vertical hydroponic systems come in all sizes and shapes. There are many new products ready for you to try as well.

For a low budget DIY vertical garden arrangement, you just need several PVC pipes, a submersible pump, tubing, and a bucket. Having a hydroponic system is the absolute low-maintenance alternative for your green vertical garden.

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