Expert Tips on How to Grow Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Dwarf pomegranate tree has been grown since prehistoric period. In ancient Israel and Egypt, it was regarded a holy plant. The dwarf pomegranate tree is an extremely admired and popular tree due to its flowering and fruiting qualities. If you want to gain the benefits of this tree, you need to know how to grow dwarf pomegranate tree.

How to Choose the Right Temperature?

This tree isn’t resilient so it should be grown after the last frost has passed. The dwarf pomegranate might be overwintered at relative warm temp or cool temp, 43°F- 50°F or above but not exceed 64 °F. This plant is suitable at 70°F temperature.

How to Choose the Right Lighting?

Make sure to put pomegranate plant in good sunlight as they love sunlight, however should be watered on a daily basis. This plant must be secure from frost.

Watering Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Keep the soil wet all the times. Prior to midseason, slightly shade the tree to conserve humidity. Through keeping the plant a bit dry in middle to late springs, your pomegranate will begin to flower. After flowers emerge, water the plant generously for the rest of the period.

In winter when the leaves dropped, it requires a moderate watering. Pomegranate plants really like water, so don’t utilize pots which are too thin or low.

Fertilizing Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Feed your plant once the leaves swell until the time of flowering, utilizing a good feed, exchanging with 0-10-10 every ten days. And after flowering, if you see some formation of fruit, recommence the cycle of feeding but also feed on a monthly basis until the start of autumn with fish emulsion. Don’t feed in winter in any way.

Pruning and Training Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Your plant must be pruned prior to the emerging of new shoots, to give way the new growth. Older branches of tree must be trimmed in midseason. A new shoot is pinched from the start of summer; ensure to keep 2 and 5 leaves on every shoot. Mature trees could be trimmed at the early stage. At this stage flower buds are created, and earlier cutting can get rid of them.

Basically flowering shoots are shorter compared leaf shoots. Don’t prune flowering shoots once it is flowers you desire.

Insects and Pests

Dwarf Pomegranates tree may sometime be affected by pests like aphids. Pomegranates kept inside are often bothered by whitefly.  Aphids are extremely hard to control and could be killed by spraying the tree with power pressure and then spray it with water and soap solution. Outdoors, this tree is vulnerable to greenfly invasion. Treat it using pyrethrum.

dwarf pomegranate tree bonsai

Repotting Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Transfer the tree in mid-spring once the buds are developing. You tree is repotted yearly while the older one is repotted as pointed out by the production of root, meaning gently tap the root and check soil areas that is not yet infused with root. If there’s still soil accessible, repotting is postponed for another season.

Styling Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

This plant is best suited to various bonsai styles like informal upright, literati, forest, cascade, tree on rock, root over rock, windswept, win trunk, group as well as twisting trunk style.

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