Garden Bench Ideas for Relaxing Area in Your Garden

Garden bench serves at least two purposes, as a place to relax in your garden and an item which shows your personal taste. This is why, among so many types and designs of the bench, you should pick yours very carefully. Consider your own preference, personality, and how the bench will affect the overall landscape.

Though there are so many options available in the furniture market, don’t be confused to pick one. Consider one of the following ones.

Wooden garden bench

Wood furniture is always a perfect choice for those who love nature. If you choose a wooden garden bench, you’ll see your choice will subtly blend in with the garden.

Usually, the bench is made from acacia, cedar, or teak. If you use the latest material, make sure that it’s coming from the certified plantation.

Wooden bench must be protected from the outdoor weather with the cladding such as oil. Every 2-3 years, you should change the cladding to prevent cracking and drying. The action also prevents moss from growing in your bench.

Wicker garden bench

The look of wicker, original or the synthetic one, also certainly blends with nature. This type of bench is perfect for those who love nature and simplicity.

Real wicker is quite durable and easy to maintain, particularly if you place it under the roof. However, the quality of synthetic ones may vary depending on the materials. Avoid recycled plastic because the quality is low and the bench will break easily.

Concrete garden bench

The concrete garden bench can be considered the most durable among other types of the bench. The material, concrete, is perfect for outdoor furniture. It can last dozen years without a problem, even longer if you choose those with strong big feet.

The concrete bench is perfect for both formal and casual landscape arrangement—it all depends on the design of the bench you pick.

White and grey are the most common colors available. This type of bench is perfect for you who want to have modernly styled garden—either its big luxury or minimalist one.

Garden potters bench

Do you have an unused wooden bench?

Don’t rush yourself to throw it away. You can change it into a garden potters bench in which you can nurture herbs and vegetables. You can make an effort to remodel it or simply, put some small brownish pots on it.

Ensure that the feet of the bench are still strong enough to hold the weight. If it isn’t, repair them before putting your pots there.

Garden potters bench gives the vibe of a rustic garden. It’s natural and classic, while at the same time, shows that the owner is someone who loves gardening. If you’re that type of person, you should try to have your own potter bench.

Metal garden bench

Beautiful and timeless are the definition of a metal garden bench. The metal bench, particularly the one made from iron sticks with a certain pattern, is very nostalgic.

It looks like something you can see in paintings from the last two centuries. Like the potter bench, this style of metal bench is also suitable for rustic landscape.

The modern garden bench also uses metal. In fact, metal can be transformed into furniture with a futuristic concept.  Such bench usually has a clean-cut design and is perfect for busy people with modern lifestyle.

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