Garden Ornaments to Decorate Your Garden

Garden ornament is an item that is typically used to enhance and decorate garden, park, or landscape. It was first used in western culture during the Ancient Roman era.

There are several types of garden ornaments, such as the following.

Metal garden ornaments

Metal garden ornaments are usually made of aluminum or crafted in polyresin with an authentic bronze or copper finish.

Aluminium will not rust and will produce an antique look. The resin ornaments are full of detail and wonderfully modeled, and have a good metallic appearance.

The shape of metal garden ornaments is varied, from animals such as birds, majestic storks, hedgehogs, and even farmyard chickens.

People are also fond of fairies and pixies shape. Placing metallic garden ornaments in your flowerbeds will delight everyone who sees them.

Glass garden ornaments

Glass garden ornaments are a unique item that provides a unique and colorful way to decorate your garden. The glass will complement the natural setting of your garden. It will beautifully reflect the sunlight in the morning and the afternoon.

There are various shapes and colors of glass garden ornaments such as fiddlehead fern scrolls, heart bowls, duotone bowls, spirals, sculpted leaves, or even animal shape.

Mostly these ornaments are hand sculpted and will allow you to make a custom design for your garden.

Japan garden ornaments

Japanese garden ornaments will give you a Japanese vibe on your garden. It includes water basins, lanterns, and also ornaments and large garden trees.

Mostly, these items can only be collected from the nursery because they are heavy and bulky. However, you can also find smaller lanterns and medium-sized ornaments such as maples and conifers, small stone Buddha, sake jar or vintage Japanese tanuki raccoon dog.

There is also a unique Japanese item to decorate your garden, which is moai, a monolithic statue that is carved in a flat plane.

Its uniqueness comes from the enigmatic expressions faces of the sculpture. The minimalist style of the sculpture related to forms that are found throughout Polynesia.

Terracotta sculptures that represent the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, can also be used to decorate your garden to give an oriental-like atmosphere.

Most of these items are made of ceramic and are made by hand. Thus, you aware when the items are being transported so that they would not be broken.

Wooden garden ornaments

Wooden garden ornaments are usually in the form of signboard with attractive writings and color. The ornament can be easily made yourself.

You can use a used board, wire coat hangers, chopsticks, bamboo skewers, timber offcuts & stakes, and much more to decorate the signboard.

Write down some wise words or the name of the plants that you plant your garden on the signboard.

Concrete garden ornaments

Concrete garden ornaments can also be made on your own. You can use a styrofoam ball dipped in cement to make a concrete garden spheres ball.

You might also use different shapes of cookies mold such as star, oval, or pine tree to make concrete ornaments.

So, which are garden ornaments that you choose to decorate your garden?

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