Easy Guide How to Grow and Care Lentils

Have you ever tried growing lentils? If you find it hard to grow this kind of plants, you are not alone. Lentils are cool-seasoned legume. You can start planting them indoors before planting them in your garden. The seeds of lentils germinate in ten days and they require eighty to one-hundred ten days to harvest.

Lentils are nutritious legume that are related to all beans types and peas. They need precise growing condition, but are easier to maintain and care for. If you want to learn more about on how to grow lentils, here’s how you can do it on your own.

When you are growing lentils, always consider the climate as they prefer to be planted in drained soil on east/south exposure to better use the warmth of the sun and get tiny seedlings to burst forth.

Good drainage can also be one of the primary concerns as even waterlogged soil and short period of flooded can destroy the lentils. Temperate weather is needed for the lentil plants or summer crops can be planted as winter annual to subtropical climes.

Lentil plants are generally small or big and come in different types. Consulting with your local growers is one of the most effective ways to know what specific type of lentil plant is appropriate in your area.

In addition, when you want to grow lentils, you must check the maturation dates of the seed to make sure there’s enough time for the growing session since this type of plant takes couple of months before it matures.

how to grow lentil

1. Where to be planted?

The lentil plants are mostly planted in well-drained soil and full sun. Plant the lentil seeds in areas where there are no weeds since the lentil plants don’t compete with many vigorous plants.

If you’re growing lentils, it is very important that you know the proper position. You should also know that lentils like cool temperatures, but not frost.  They also grow well in low humidity climates. Lentil plants typically grow in temperate climates during summer or over the subtropics and winter.

When you growing lentils, find a spot that receives enough sunlight. Don’t plant the lentils where there are other legumes that are recently grown. Also, don’t plant them along with garlic or onion. Lentils can grow with summer savory, potatoes and cucumbers.

2. When to plant lentils?

Lentil seeds do great if planted during early springtime when the climate is cool. However, the plant matures well in dry, warm long days of summer. March can be the best month to plant the lentils. Directly plant them in your garden when the temperature of the spoil reaches forty degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Watering and Care

Just like any other plants, lentils also need watering and proper care. If you plat lentils and you don’t take care of them, they might not grow well.

Proper care for lentils includes support and fertilizing. To support the vines of the lentils, they need low trellis. When you don’t utilize a trellis, the plants will need extra space. However, using trellis can help avoid pest and lower the risks of disease that might destroy the plants.

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