Hanging Herb Garden Ideas for Your Home

There are many ideas about hanging herb garden, especially if you don’t have plenty of outdoor space to garden with.

Gardening will be more fun with hanging herb garden that is indoor friendly. With just an easy to find materials, turn your home into a great herb garden space.

Moreover, they are not difficult to take care of as well. So, there must be no reason for not planting your herbs, right? I bet you will enjoy picking your own herbs in your tiniest garden spaces.

Besides, hanging herb garden will also brighten up your home and purify the air as well. Even, it good smells will make you feel instantly happier!

Wall Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging Garden comes from the idea that everyone could plant their fresh herb anywhere and anytime. So, why you don’t make a wall hanging herb garden on your terrace, entryway, or in the backyard?

By using wall wood panels, for example, you can make a combination the art of a wall hanging garden with a useful storage jars, pots, or even recycle shampoo and lotion bottles!

Pallet Hanging Herb Garden

Besides the cool wooden formations, you can find a variety of pallet garden ideas which also make a great fun. In addition, you may also cultivate any kind of your favorite herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, or thyme.

By growing your own food on a hanging pallet, you will be surprised by how much fun gardening can be.

Window Hanging Herb Garden

If you don’t have a windowsill, no problem. By adapting a rail in front of your window, you still could create a row of window hanging herb color pots.

This can also be a simple privacy screen from your neighbors. Get your attractive basic color pots or plastic bottles, into planters for your preferred herbs like mint or chives.

Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

Why don’t you make your home ambiance impressive, with a mason or glass jar hanging herb garden? This is a really great highlight to any wall herb gardens since this hanging mason jar herb garden can bring some appeal into your home.

The glass jars also enable you to see the level of the water as well. Then, you can hang it as an aesthetic decoration in the entryway, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

A tiny herb garden near the kitchen is simply a brilliant idea. Try to make a little hanging garden, that you can hang outdoors near the window.

That way, you can have some fresh herbs that are just an arm’s reach away when cooking. If you don’t have plenty of space, hanging your plants upside down in the kitchen will look really amazing. It is a gardener’s dream that comes true.

Lastly, don’t forget that sun is essential for growing a hanging herb garden. Hence you can begin seeding indoors in small pots under lights or a sunny window.

You can apply anything for your planters, jars, recycle bottles, glass, or even vintage pot, provided there is sufficient drainage.

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