73 Hanging Planter Ideas to Try in All Seasons

Do you want to see your favorite plants regardless of seasons? Using hanging planter in your home is an easy and affordable solution.

There are many great ideas for hanging planter you can try at home, depending on your budget and taste. Here are some inspirations to create green spots even with limited space.

Indoor Hanging Planters from Used Materials

Why spending tons for expensive planters if you can use reclaimed materials? An old birdcage, for example, is great to plate a pot. A PVC pipe, cut in half, is another popular option for a cheap planter.

If you have an old chandelier, use the frame to attach several small pots, and turn it into an artsy planter. You can also repaint old colanders, and turn them into indoor hanging planters.

There are many types of plants you can have with these planters. Succulents are popular because they require minimum efforts to tend. However, you can also use fern or flowers to adorn the planters.

Wall Hanging Planters

Another great idea to save space, wall hanging planters will decorate your wall while giving benefits, such as fresh air and relaxing effect.

There are many wall planters available at gardening stores, and you can create a unique look with unusual materials. For example, instead of brown terracotta or clay, use metal, stone, or enamel hanging pots.

You can also be more ingenious with unusual planters. For example, you can use deep ladles to grow little succulent plants, and hang them on a wall rack, like what you do with regular kitchen utensils.

You can also repurpose thick fabric, such as from old billboard, by repainting and turning it as a foldable hanging planter.

Glass Hanging Planters

Glass hanging planters present contemporary look in your house. The sheer surface allows you to not only enjoy the plants but also look at the soil layer. If you hang them inside, it looks like you store a piece of earth in the house. There are many shapes of glass planters you can find at stores, such as round, square, or cone.

Another glass planter trend you can try for the more striking look is hanging terrarium. It allows you to have a mini “landscape” inside the house. While this may be more expensive or complicated (if you try DIY terrarium project), the final look will be rewarding.

Hanging Tire Planters

Finally, if you have no idea what to do with an old tire, turn it into hanging tire planter. The inside of a tire is perfect for placing soil and flowers.

The tire should not be too big since it can be cumbersome. All you need to do is making small holes underneath, covering the inside with garden fabric, and paint the tire with bright colors (dark colors will make the tire absorbing heat).

Since it is hard to keep the watering plant in a tire, make sure to mix the soil with fertilizer and water-retaining grains. Flowers that can grow beautifully in such planter are pansies, geraniums, verbenas, petunias, fuchsias, nasturtiums, and lobelias. Hanging planter is great for the indoor and outdoor garden.

Enjoying plants in all seasons is possible if you have an indoor garden. Use unique hanging planter to bring the beauty of nature right to your living room.

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