How to Grow and Care Lady Palm Properly Indoors

When you see an ornament plant that’s like a fan at the office – it could be lady palm. Native to the southern zone of China, the floral species is commonly grown in an indoor situation. Speaking of the characteristic, this lovely plant comes with evergreen ribbed leaves split into several segments.

They are found to be glossy, making lady palm’s appearance more attractive.  It has many names such as raphis palm and bamboo palm.

1. How Long can Lady Palm Reach in a Year?

There is a significant rise in height experienced by lady palm every year. The towering plant of which scientific name is Raphis excelsa commonly grows, reaching from 8 to 12 inches. This condition is observed based on the plant’s natural environment.

When it’s cultivated indoors as an ornamental plant, the growth rate dwindles drastically. The growth remains slow on account of less illumination from the sun.

2. Why You Need to Grow Lady Palm at Your Home

As a houseplant, lady palm doesn’t only add spice to your home indoors, but it also has another function regarding your health. The interesting fact is that Raphis excelsa acts as a natural air cleaner.

It means that you can take benefit of healthy fresh air inside your space on a daily basis. That could be the reason why this indoor plant is way more expensive than other ornamental shrubs. It is worth the expense.

3. Another Variety of Lady Palm You Need to Know

Besides Raphis excelsa, there is another popular variety better called Raphis humilis. Compared to Raphis excelsa, Raphis humilis is shorter, regarding height. If the first sort can reach up to 6 feet, the second one comes with the maximum height of 3 feet.

Red fibers covering the stem characterizes this plant. Speaking of the foliage, they have a smooth texture with a clear division of leaves.

4. How to Grow Lady Palm

Arguably, it’s such an easy task to grow lady palm. If you are about to grow the plant indoors, it’s essential that you know the right location of growing. The strategic one is by placing the lady palm tree in an area next to the east-facing window.

By this way, it can absorb the sunlight well. This sort of plant is in need of either partial or full shade. Don’t ever try to locate in an area with full sun or it will experience leaf burn.

Aside from light fulfillment, mind temperature required by the plant. At indoor space, it lives conveniently under a temperature ranging from 16 to 27 degrees C. Although it belongs to the tropical living organism, it is intolerable with an extreme atmosphere.

To start growing, prepare a medium-sized pot and fill it with porous soil as well as fertilizer. Then embed the shoot deeply in the growing medium and water it adequately.

To keep the drainage, you can add both coarse sand and pebble in the potting media. The system of drainage is required to be in anyone’s attention. Poor drainage, surely, leads some health problems possibly attack the plant anytime.

For the additional nourishment, you are free to feed it with slow-release pellets. Then, how often should we feed the lady palm? Don’t apply fertilizer too often. The liquid fertilizer can be given biweekly.

5. How to Water Lady Palm in the Approved Manner

Unlike other plants, you can’t do whatever you want when it comes to watering. Alternatively stated, the lady palm care is slightly different. Season determines the watering procedure.

When spring and summer come, you can water lady palm liberally especially when the soil is found to be arid. Let the water absorb into the soil reaching one-inch depth. During this season, the fan-like palm necessitates a large amount of water.

What about winter? You can’t do the same watering procedure as you usually do in summer. Water your beloved plant once or twice a month. Let the soil parched with the depth of 2 inches.

During the rare watering, wet the soil thoroughly until the drainage holes nicely appear in the surface. You can empty the saucer situated beneath the pot for around 30 to 30 minutes. This way is also applicable when the fall season hits.

6. How to Propagate Lady Palm

Is possible to propagate the slender lady palm using seed? Yes, it is. However, you need the right place to make the plant flower then generate a couple of seeds. The best one for doing this is absolutely in an outdoor setting.

In simple words, it’s nearly impossible to do the propagation indoors. With an eye to let the shoot grows, providing a planting medium, high in nourishment is nothing yet important.

Another method of propagation is nothing else but dividing the plant into several parts. Make the best use of a clean, sharp knife to do the cutting procedure. You can create a small sucker. When doing the separation, be sure to do it carefully. Wrong separation approach will let the plant’s growth fail.

7. Handy Tips on Lady Palm Care

There are some handy tips concerning the care of the broadleaf lady palm. To check the health of the plant, you can start observing the current condition of the leaves. When they turn to brown, there must be something wrong on it.

It could be the result of the extreme heat. To deal with this type of condition, be sure to keep trimming the damaged leaves. As the lady palm slowly develops, it’s important that you don’t cut the whole leaves.

Growing lady palm indoors is a bit different than the one outdoor. The care is, for sure, distinct. Always check out the level of moisture of the plant as well as the light requirement. The purpose of doing the regular check is to make lady palm live comfortably at your indoor space.

In summary, lady palm is a type of indoor plant that requires specific care. It’s quite easy to grow or care the plant. Despite so, keep in mind that the watering can’t be performed frequently during the winter season.

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