Majesty Palm Care: Tips and Suggestions for Indoor Growing

Choosing Majesty Palm as a houseplant will give you the good and the bad. On the one hand, it can be easily found and purchased at a relatively low price, but on the other hand, taking care of it requires more works.

Without understanding some basic rules of Majesty Palm Care, your palm plant may decline and die quickly, even before you enjoy its beauty.

Luckily, this article will tell you what you need to know about growing Majesty Palm at home.

1. About Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm or Majestic Palm (Ravenea rivularis) belongs to Arecaceae family. Arecaceae trees and vines are classified under the tropical plants and known for their tall trunk and long pointed leaves.

Similar to other tree species in its family, Majesty Palm also acquires long, thin leaves. They grow upward into the form of an arch.

As a native plant of Madagascar, Majesty Palm can grow to 98-feet tall in its natural habitat. Despite it, this palm tree is often marketed as a potted plant. Majesty Palm is also considered as one of the popular houseplants due to its beautiful leaves and slow-growing pace.

Majesty Palm grows in a habitat with high humidity and dry or hot climate. It is often found along the riverbanks, shallow swamps, or some isolated areas in its origin country. Therefore, it is a fair thing to say that this plant is a lover of a warm environment.

When it is turned into a houseplant, Majesty Palm should be placed in a humid area and received ample water regularly to avoid any disease or problem.

2. Growing Majesty Palm Indoor

When growing Majesty Palm indoor, the first thing you need to do is choosing the right type of pot. Make sure that the bottom part of the pot has a well-draining space. It will allow the water to seep throughout of it, thus, create a good circulation.

Also, several requirements need to be fulfilled when you grow this palm tree indoor. The basic requirements include light, soil, and temperature. In general, Majestic Palm tree needs to be exposed under the bright indirect light. The tree’s fronds can turn yellow or brown if they do not receive enough light.

The palm should be planted on a well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients. For indoor growing, you can add sand to the pot for basic houseplant mix. Indoor Potted Majesty Palms will grow well if it is put under the home temperature with the average of 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit. It should also be placed in a room with a high level of humidity.

3. Majestic Palm Care: Watering, Fertilizing, and Pruning

The best growing situation for Majesty Palm is in a humid area. That being said, one of the initial care steps when planting this tree is providing the replica of its natural environment.

Moreover, similar to the procedure of palm plant care, Majesty Palm should be watered frequently. Using lukewarm water is also highly advisable as it can prevent the leaves from turning brown.

Majesty Palm is a type of tropical tree that requires a great amount of plant food or fertilizer. During its growing state, you should fertilize the plant every two weeks or every month, depending on the palm’s condition.

Use a general houseplant fertilizer that contains iron as its main substance. However, it would help if you did not fertilize the plant in the winter.

Approximately 7-10 days after the palm is fertilized, you can begin pruning the fronds. Pruning the palm is best to be done during that time because it will encourage new fronds to grow more quickly.

When pruning the palm, remember always to use sharp scissors or small shears. You can begin pruning from the top by cutting any yellow or brownish fronds.

Any leaves that indicate fungal or bacterial infection should also be removed. Alternatively, you can prune the palm from the bottom. The latter treatment will encourage the growth of the fronds at the top part.

4. Additional Care

It has been mentioned earlier that humidity plays a great role in the growth of Majesty Palm. Therefore, when the palm is planted as a houseplant, the humidifier should be included on the list of Majesty Palm indoor care.

Placing Majesty Palm near the humidifier will help create a good environment for the plant to grow. If there is no humidifier at home, you can keep the palm humid and moist by misting the fronds on a weekly basis.

As a side note, you should protect Majesty Palm from cold drafts. Don’t place the pot or container too close to windows, doors, or air conditioning vents.

5. Problems with Majesty Palm

One of the most common problems faced by Majesty Palm is when its leave tips turn brown or yellow. The cause of Majesty Palm leaves turning brown or yellow is often related to the lack of water and humidity. Therefore, you need to keep the palm at a balanced level of humidity.

Majesty Palm is also quite susceptible to fungal or bacterial infections. To avoid any infection that can damage the fronds, you need to provide good air circulation.

Besides some problems above, be aware of spider mites that occasionally attack palm trees. If you notice any the appearance of spider mites on your Majesty Palm, spray the plant using some natural substances. Warm soapy water can be your first solution to deal with such a problem.

If the mites still appear and harm your palm, you need to take action by treating it using insecticidal soap, but make sure that the soap is safe to use on palm trees.

Once you know the key to Majesty Palm care and the right ways to grow it indoors, you can have one to lighten up your home. The palm’s beautiful fronds will become a perfect addition to the interior. With the right care and treatments, you will also feel a tropical and natural ambiance that can last for a long period.

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