20 Pink Flowers with Feminine, Delicate Beauty

Want to create delicate beauty with a touch of color? Pink flowers can be your options. Pink is one of the most popular flower shades, and it never gets old. You can plant pink blooms to create a positive mood and give them to loved ones. Here are 20 popular plants with pink blossoms.

1. Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Despite the name, purple coneflower actually has pink, daisy-like petals. The flowers bloom from spring to summer, under full sun or partial shade. Purple coneflowers need regular watering at first, but are drought-tolerant once established.

2. Petunia ‘Rose Star’ (Petunia)

Many petunias have pink as their common color. However, petunia ‘Rose Star’ is unique, because it has white marking at the center. Pink petunias are perfect for the summer garden, but the large varieties are best for planters or pots. Petunias can handle infrequent watering, except for the pot varieties.

3. Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis)

Bleeding heart has small, heart-like pink flowers that hang from thin stems. The plant blooms only several weeks during spring, before shedding leaves in fall. The bleeding heart needs moist, rich soil and full sun. The soil must have humus layer, with neutral acidity. The plant is not frost-tolerant.

4. Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ (Dianthus gratianopolitanus)

Also known as ‘Cheddar Pink’, the ‘Firewitch’ variety of dianthus has unique fringed petals. The flowers bloom in late spring and summer, attracting butterflies and bees. This pink dianthus loves neutral soil and full sun, and they grow on grassy foliage. Perfect as border or bedding plants.

5. Tulip ‘Angelique’

‘Angelique’ is a “classic” tulip with soft pink color and elegant shape. If planted in fall, the flowers will grow in late spring. They enjoy full sun and can attract butterflies. Tulip ‘Angelique’ is perfect as a vase or cut flowers. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering.

6. Rose of Sharon ‘Sugar Tip’ (Hibiscus syriacus)

Rose of Sharon is a tropical bush plant with large, trumpet-like flowers. They need large space, fertile soil, and mulching in early growth. However, once established, Rose of Sharon becomes quite a hardy plant. It gets benefits from spring compost application.

7. Carefree Beauty Rose

Carefree Beauty is a type of rose with semi-double petals. The color can be described as “candy pink”, which makes your garden look beautiful. The flowers love moderately-fertile, moist, and well-drained soil with full sun. They bloom in spring.

8. Dwarf Chinese Astilbe (Astilbe chinensis pumila)

Dwarf Chinese astilbe presents vigorous clusters of pink-lavender flowers on fern-like foliage. They bloom from summer to fall, before turning brown in winter. Astilbe is deer-resistant, perfect for beginners, and attracting butterflies. The plant likes moist, rich, well-drained soil.

9. Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)

Pink is one of hollyhock’s common colors. Proper care will make this plant bloom from May to September. Since hollyhock is biennial, the best blooms usually appear on the second year after seed planting. They love loose, humid, well-drained soil and full sun.

10. Veronica ‘Giles van Hees’

Veronica ‘Giles van Hees’ is a perennial border plant with spike-like flower clusters. They bloom from late spring to summer, with brilliant pink clusters atop foliage. They can grow on various types of soil and prefer full sun. They are deer-resistant and rabbit-resistant.

11. Daylily ‘Catherine Woodbury’

Daylily ‘Catherine Woodbury’ has pale pink flowers with yellow centers. The flowers bloom in the morning and wither before 24 hours, before being replaced by other blooms until the flowering season ends. The trumpet shape attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

12. Mandevilla ‘Alice du Pont’

Mandevilla ‘Alice du Pont’ is a vine plant with pink, trumpet-like flowers. The pink shade is lighter on the top and darker near the bottom. The plants love slightly acidic, rich soil with full sun. They bloom in summer and are perfect as container or woodland garden.

13. Pink Thrift (Armeria maritima rosea)

Pink thrift is a family of rose that grows on a rocky surface. The  flowers live in clusters atop ground foliage. They love bright light, warm temperature, and normal or sandy soil (with good drainage). They bloom from summer to spring.

14. Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’

‘Ann Folkard’ is a purplish pink geranium with dark eyes in the middle of the blooms. They attract butterflies but are deer-resistant. ‘Ann Folkard’ is hardy and can live on almost any soil types. They have a sweet fragrance and perfect for the cottage or border gardens.

15. Beebalm ‘Raspberry Wine’

Beebalm has shaggy flowers with thin petals and dark pink color. The flowers rest on single petals atop large foliage. Beebalm ‘Raspberry Wine’ has a fragrant aroma, and the flowers bloom from summer to fall. They tolerate almost any types of soil.

16. Appleblossom Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Appleblossom yarrow has small flowers that grow in showy clusters. They have a pale pink color that look refreshing. They are perfect as mass planting garden, and only need occasional watering once established. The flowers are popular as fresh bouquets and dry ornaments.

17. Anemone ‘Party Dress’

Also known as Japanese anemone, the ‘Party Dress’ variant has rich pink blooms with small, yellow centers. The flowers are ideal for cutting. They bloom from summer to fall and prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil. They are easy to care but need mulching before winter.

18. Fuchsia ‘Dark Eyes’

Fuchsia ‘Dark Eyes’ gives flowers from summer to early winter. The downward trumpet-like blooms are attractive for butterflies and hummingbirds. They love fertile soil with full sun. ‘Dark Eyes’ are popular as border plants.

19. Pink Lily Leek (Allium oreophilum)

Pink lily leek has delicate, star-like pink flowers with dark “veins” in the middle of the petals. Several small flowers gather on top of thin stems. The flowers bloom from spring to summer and can attract butterflies. Pink lily leek is deer-resistant. The plant loves full sun and fertile, moist soil.

20. Foxglove ‘Candy Mountain’ (Digitalis purpurea)

Foxglove usually has purple flowers, but ‘Candy Mountain’ has bright pink color formations. The flowers bloom from June to July and attract hummingbirds. ‘Candy Mountain’ needs rich, fertile soil and full sun for robust growth.

Pink flowers offer pretty and delectable look when planted in the garden or planter. Have one of these pink flowers in your house, and see how the blooms improve the house’s look instantly.

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