Plenty Types of Tomatoes: From Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, to Beefsteak Tomatoes

Tomatoes may be a favorite of many. They can be grilled, roasted, sauteed, or turned into ketchup sauce. You can also eat them just like that. If this is your favorite dish, then you should know that there are many types of tomatoes. Yes, that is correct. Bright red is not their only color.

If you are curious, you would love tomatoes even more after reading this.

1. The Tomato Varieties In General

You will be surprised by this fact: Over hundreds of tomato varieties exist on this earth. The varieties are determined by these factors:

  • By size

By size, you will see that the varieties include:

Grape or cherry tomatoes in the size of marbles.

Juicy tomatoes.

Meaty tomatoes.

Large and sweet tomatoes.

  • By color

Although cherry red is the most popular one, tomatoes also come in different colors. There are deep crimson, orange, yellow, green, purple, and even chocolate.

2. The Cherry Tomatoes and Their Varieties

Tomatoes are not just the big ones. The cherry ones also exist and have many fans of their own. They are usually perfect for salads, soups, and sandwiches. Their smaller size also makes it easy to treat them as snacks.

It does not take so much space for cherry tomatoes to grow. With just a couple of plants, you will have hundreds of them growing in one season. They are also very easy to grow.

There are so many types of cherry tomatoes. The best and most chosen ones are here:

  • The Italian Ice Cherry Tomatoes

It is called ‘The Italian Ice Cherry Tomatoes’ for a reason. Not only from Italy by origin, but they also grow from green to ivory color or pale as ice. They are also very sweet and perfect for picnic snacks.

  • The Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes

While most cherry tomatoes are round, this type is shaped like a teardrop. Bright yellow on the skin, their flavor is tangy. If you have low tolerance with foods that highly contain acid, these are safe for you. Just like most cherry tomatoes, these yellow pear ones are great for party snacks.

  • The Black Pearl Cherry Tomatoes

Do not be fooled by their dark reddish hue. They still taste so sweet and perfect for summer snacks.

  • The Sun God Cherry Tomatoes

Round and definitely not red, this type of cherry tomato is also popular. Sweet with a little bit of tart flavor, your taste buds will experience something nice and unusual. If you want these “sun gold cherry tomatoes” to be even sweeter, let them ripen longer.

  • The Cherries Jubilee Cherry Tomatoes

In one season, this type of cherry tomato can grow up to more than hundreds. The well-balanced mixture of sweetness and acidity makes these cherry tomatoes mouth-watering snacks.

  • The Bloody Butcher Cherry Tomatoes

The name might remind you of a classic, horror urban legend character, Bloody Mary. No worries, they are not scary at all. Deep red inside and out, these cherry tomatoes are very popular. They also taste very nice and can be produced in less than two months.

  • The Green Envy Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet and tangy, these emerald green little ones are also sought after by many. These cherry tomatoes are more oval-shaped with the meaty interior. You often find them in salsa dip, either baked, grilled, or raw.

  • The Napa Grape Tomatoes

This is one of the grape tomatoes that grow in clusters. Perfect for salad or sandwiches, The Napa Grape Tomatoes have the typically bold taste of tomatoes, more sour than sweet.

  • The Honeybunch Cherry Tomatoes

These cherry tomatoes are called ‘honeybunch’ for a reason: they taste so sweet, and their large clusters will keep you happy for the whole season.

3. The Heirloom Tomatoes and Their Types

The term heirloom was used by Kent Whealy from Seed Savers Exchange during his speech about plants in Tucson in 1981. An heirloom is a natural variety that has been passed down through several generations. With its well-valued characteristics, many people refuse to change it with a hybrid or a combination of different varieties in one.

Despite their rarity and rather expensive prices, people still search for the types of heirloom tomatoes, like these top five:

  • The Italian Heirloom

Heart-shaped and red, this classic type of heirloom tomato is the most popular and sought-after one in this category.

  • The Amish Paste

These fresh tomatoes from Amish, Pennsylvania, are perfect for just snacks. Pick and pop them straight into your mouth.

  • The Cherry Roma

These small and plump ones are not just sweet, but also spicy – whether dried or fresh. No wonder some people mistake them as chili.

  • The Black Krim

They are also known as either purple or green beefsteak tomatoes. They taste rather tartly but still excellent.

  • The Brandywine

This type is also one of the most famous ones, with its classic round and red appearance.

4. About the Beefsteak Tomatoes

They are called ‘beefsteak tomatoes’ because of their large and juicy insides. They are normally round and wide, but with the sweetness inside.

Although they come in different shades of colors, red and green beefsteak tomatoes are the most famous ones. To make these tomato plants grow well requires at least 85 days before harvest time. If you live in a four-seasoned country close to The North Pole, March is the best month. It is usually spring time or at least the winter’s end.

A sunny and well-drained garden is the best choice for beefsteak tomatoes. The Black Krim is one of the best green beefsteak tomatoes while The Brandywine is definitely the red one.

5. Choosing Your Future Tomato Plants

Types of cherry tomatoes are probably still possible choices. With types of heirloom tomatoes, you might need to prepare more budget. Not only they are rare and expensive, but you also need to make sure that your soil is perfect to grow them.

After knowing that there are many types of tomatoes, it is time to choose. Which variety do you fancy the most? Are you growing them for personal or business purposes? Whatever it is, you can still do many things with tomatoes in your kitchen.

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