Rose Color Meanings: Reality behind the Colorful Beauty

Roses are red and Violets are blue. Is it true? Apparently, there are more rose colors than red, but finding out rose color meanings is even more interesting.

“The rose is red, the violet’s blue | The honey’s sweet, and so are you.”

The rhyme excerpt first popularized in Gammer Gurton’s Garland—a collection of English nursery rhymes published back in 1784—above might remind you of a romantic pickup line said or written by a man to a woman. Roses are indeed romantic, but if you find out the following rose color meanings, you might want to change your mind. Check these out.

1. The Origin of Roses

Before we reveal in-depth on rose color meanings, we had better get to know about the origin of the flowers first. A rose is a long-lasting plant that comes from the Rosaceae family (Rosa genus).

There are more than 300 species of roses in the world that come in the forms of shrubs or climbing plants with sharp prickles on their stems. The flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes although generally large and striking in colors.

Roses are mostly from Asia and partly from North America, Europe, and north western Africa. Not only for their beauty, but roses are also well-known for their fragrance. The name “rose” was derived from a word in French, “rosa”, which also might have been borrowed from Latin, Oscan, or Greek.

Rose symbolism has also been studied for centuries to find out the right roses—based on their colors—to give to the beloved ones.

2. How Many Types of Roses are there?

Blooming especially in fall and summer, roses are divided into several different forms, such as miniature and trailing rose plants. Another classification of roses is as follows:

  • Old roses

Also well-known as “heirloom roses” are roses introduced before 1867. These roses are the fertile and fragrant ones, often found in old paintings. You may find a hundred varieties of the old rose in the areas with moderately warm climates.

  • Modern hybrid roses

Introduced after 1867, the modern hybrid roses are strong, long-blooming, and extremely immune to diseases. This type of roses is cultivated for shape, color, size, and scent. One of the most famous ones is the hybrid tea rose plant with a large flower on a long stem.

  • Wild Roses

Having been growing wild for thousand years, this type of roses is tough and adaptable to modern gardens. Almost all of the species generally have only one blossom which blooms from spring to summer.

3. Fun Facts about Roses

There are actually numerous interesting facts behind the beauty of roses.

  • There is a belief that roses have been grown for over 5,000 years and it started in China.
  • Roses are considered a beautiful June birth flower.
  • Not only beautiful and scented, but roses are also loaded with health benefits, such as rose hips that are enriched with vitamin C, rose petals as a tea blend that can be used as mouthwash solution that takes care of stomach aches, congestion, and sore throats, as well as rose water for skin wash.
  • A red rose is a symbol of desire and love, but other colors of roses can mean something else. Next, we are going to bring up about the rose color meanings.

4. A-Z on Rose Color Meanings

As mentioned in the beginning, roses are not as sweet and romantic as they look. If you know all about rose color meanings, you will be more careful in choosing the best color of roses at the florists. Check out the following.

  • Red Roses

The classic red roses are a great choice if you want to give something special to your beloved ones, as the red rose meaning “love and lust.”

  • Light Pink Roses

This rose conveys grace, joy, sweetness, admiration, and gentleness. So, giving this to a friend to appreciate him or her for being a good friend so far is a great idea.

  • Peach Roses

When you want to say your gratitude to a friend, a business partner, a client, or a colleague, this rose color is the right one. Peach roses also say modesty and sincerity.

  • Orange Roses

This lively color means charm and energy. Therefore, when you are not in a good mood, a bouquet of orange roses might be a good idea for a “recharging” therapy.

  • Salmon Roses

This color of roses says passion and enthusiasm, so when you want to tell someone about your feelings, Salmon roses can be a lovely giveaway.

  • Yellow Roses

Even though this sunny-colored flower used to symbolize unfaithfulness and jealousy, the other yellow rose meanings are joy, caring, warmth, friendship, and affection. You can give away a bouquet of yellow roses to cheer someone up when they feel unwell or down.

  • White Roses

A white rose means innocence, purity, a new start, and eternal love. That explains why the flowers are often used for weddings.

  • Cream (Ivory/off-white) Roses

Very different from white roses, a cream rose conveys thoughtfulness, charm, gracefulness, and perfection. You can give it as a gift to someone to tell them your concern.

  • Lavender (Purple) Roses

Speaking of lavender or purple roses meaning, the flowers represent love at first sight, enchantment, and mystery. So, if you receive a bouquet of lavender roses, that means you have a secret admirer!

  • Burgundy (Novelty) Roses

Despite the fact that burgundy roses are not as prominent as the lighter shades, red roses, the flowers mean “subconscious beauty.” Burgundy roses can be sent away as a twist for the message you are trying to convey.

  • Green Roses

Representing spirit rejuvenation, peace of mind, balance, and cheerfulness, green roses can be a gift to please or surprise someone special of yours.

  • Dark Pink Roses

The deeper shade of pink roses means sweetness, elegance, grace, and romance. You may also give a bouquet of the flowers to deliver your appreciation or gratitude.

  • Blue Roses

If you wonder what blue rose meaning is, you are probably a one-of-a-kind person, as the flower itself means mystery, uniqueness, and impossibility. A bouquet of blue roses is perfect for someone who follows her heart, not “the main stream.”

  • Black Roses

Well-known for symbolizing death, grief, or condolence, the black roses ironically can also meannew beginning, courage, and hope.

  • Rainbow Roses

It is not easy to find out what this modern creation means, but giving away a bouquet of these multiple-colored roses to your best friends can be unique and fun.

5. What If You are Confused about Which Rose Color to Choose?

Indeed, it is a pretty tough job to decide which color of roses you want to send to your beloved ones, but mixing all colors up can be a brilliant idea. As an example, a combination between red and white roses can mean unity—which explains why the combo is famous for weddings.

You may also give away roses based on the numbers. For instance, a single rose is meant to say thanks, two roses is perfect for a marriage proposal (especially a red and white roses), and 13 roses means hidden love.

So, which one of the rose color meanings interests you the most? Go grab a bouquet either for yourself or someone special!

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