Top 10 Different Types of Lilies & How to Grow Them

The stunning beauty of lilies flowers has been enjoyed by many people in the entire world for thousands of years. Not only beautiful, but the flowers symbolizing the goddess Hera in Greek mythology are also incredibly fragrant.

There are 90 species or types of lilies under the genus of lilium flower plants. In addition, there are also several popular lily varieties now, such as trumpet lily and Asiatic lily flowers. Find out more below.

1. The Exotic Asiatic Lilies

In the lily family, these exotic flowers have large blooms and are known for the diversity of shapes, colors, and patterns of the hybrid variety. The colors range from pinks, oranges, reds, any colors—except blue.

Therefore, if you see red lily flower or orange lily flower plants around, they should be included in Asiatic lily type. However, this type of lilies generally spreads no fragrance.

How to grow Asiatic lilies

Blooming in the autumn, Asiatic lilies are one of the types of lilies that require easy growing and caring procedures.

Prolonging the lifespan of your Asiatic lilies can be done with harvesting the flowers from the garden when color appears on the lower part of the buds that not yet open. If you buy the flowers from a florist, make sure to choose the one that has enough buds.

2. The Beautiful Scented Trumpet Lilies

Well-known for its shape that resembles a trumpet, the trumpet lily—or also called Aurelian lily—is one of the very fragrant types of lilies. Trumpet lily plants usually bloom prior to Oriental lily plants and after Asiatic lily plants.

How to grow Trumpet lilies

First of all, you can plant the trumpet lily bulbs somewhere in the middle of fall or early spring. Spread the bulbs with their 6-inch (15.24cm) tips, making a 12-inch (30.48cm) wide space in every direction.

Next, cover the soil with some mulches—a pile of wet straw, weed, branch, or bark. This ingredient will avoid the growing weed and moist soil. At last, water the plants with 1-inch (2.54cm) water on each pouring.

3. The Mesmerizing Oriental Lilies

Similar with Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies are one of the most famous decorative types of lilies. Their come in soft colors—such as white and lavender—with accentuation of stripes, spots, and freckles on their petals.

Their other special feature is their curled-back petals, making it look as if they might have come from a fantasy garden. One of the most famous cultivars from this type is the “Stargazer” that will mesmerize whoever that has seen it.

How to grow Oriental lilies

Speaking of growing procedure, Oriental lilies take a pretty difficult job to be grown and cared for. First thing first, choose the right location in which your plant is sited on.

The plant should be placed under the full sun and the soil should not be swampy. Then, make sure the drainage on the planting bed works well before the bulbs are installed. The growing time is generally in the fall or spring.

4. The Unique Martagon Hybrid Lilies

Martagon hybrid lilies are one of the types of lilies that was first found and grown back in 1891 in the Netherlands. They are also called the Turk’s Cap lilies since the flowers face downward and the petals curl backward. The other two hybrids, “Backhouse” and “Paisley” are rare and were created in England.

How to grow Martagon hybrid lilies

The unique, tall flowers usually grow in cool temperature and weather. Therefore, it is also nice to have them grow under the shades with a little sunlight.

Even though Martagon hybrid lilies have difficulties in adapting to a new garden, it will grow properly once it is placed in the right spot.

5. The Bold Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are one of the types of lilies that display boldness in color and shades. Comes with freckles and yellow and orange colors, this American hybrid actually belongs to a wild lily group in North America. The other varieties are Panther lily, Canada lily, and Philadelphia lily.

How to grow Tiger lilies

A tiger lily plant usually blooms in late spring or month of May through mid-June—when it feels warm, and midsummer (late June through early July), when the climate feels cooler.

Never use wet soil in planting a tiger lily plant and make sure to plant it in a well-drained spot. If you prepare the soil properly, you will get healthier and bigger tiger lily blooms.

6. The Sunshiny Lilium Yelloweens

This lilium flower is one of those types of lilies first grown in the Netherlands. The lilium yelloween has a very sunshiny bloom with showy yellow petals that will bring beautiful brightness to your garden or backyard. When cultivated well, the plant can get 8 feet (1.83m) tall and gain 10 to15 blooms on each of its stems.

How to grow Lilium yelloweens

Lilium yelloweens can thrive in cool temperatures despite the plant’s difficulty in growing. It requires full sunshine, but not direct—it can thrive well under dappled shades.

The soil type to grow the plant in is sandy, acidic, and well-drained. The growing period happens in January and March as well as September through December.

7. The Sweet Lollypop Asiatic Lilies

Lollypop Asiatic lily is a type of white lily flower plants that has a shade of fuchsia or shocking pink—looking just like sweet candy, indeed. We love this type of lilies because it is gorgeous and easy to grow.

How to grow Lollypop Asiatic lily

The hefty lily flower plant can reach 2-3 feet tall and start to bloom in early summer. Place the flower among the other sun-loving perennial plants or grow the plant in a large container on a patio under the sun.

8. The Stunning Silk Road Orienpet Lilies

Having come from a combination between oriental and trumpet lilies, Silk Road Orienpet lilies offer both specialties—the flowers are super large and fragrant. They are also strong and long-blooming with white-colored petals and cherry red shades on them.

How to grow Silk Road Orienpet lily

Thriving to 4-6 feet—or about 120-180cm—tall, Silk Road Orienpet lily plants can be either placed under the full sun or under some shades. The plant that is usually grown in spring or fall requires soil with good moisture.

9. The Striking Dragon Lilies

Like their name, dragon lilies are striking with their exotic beauty. However, the flowers spread smells like spoiled meat. Despite their stinking aroma, the lilies that go with the other names “Voodoo lily”, “Stink lily”, and “Viagra lily” can attract flies to be the main pollinators.

Fortunately, the bad smells are gone within a day of blooming, so the beauty of the deep maroon lilies can still be enjoyed by everybody around.

How to grow Dragon lilies 

Dragon lilies can be grown under the full sun or half shade. The soil should be well-drained and watered properly in the growing season. In early spring, you may fertilize the soil with compost and bone meal.

10. The Outstanding Magic Star Double Oriental Lily

If you love pink lilies, Magic Star Double Oriental Lilies can be one of the best types of lilies you want to buy or grow. The huge flower is stunning with ruffled pink petals shade with red stripes, white tips, and freckles. Not to mention its super sweet scent and long-lasting blooms. It is perfect for cut flowers.

So, have you decided which types of lilies you want to grow and care for? If so, this article might be the right guide for you, then.

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